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The revolutionary point and shank geometry makes installation

GETO wood screws have CE Marking and have been specially designed for structural applications in wooden carpentry, and are made of yellow galvanised (layer ≥ 8μ) cement steel.G&B launches GETO wood screws 23 June 2016 Experience, quality, safety, research and innovation, these have been the key words that G&B Fissaggi Srl has used since it was established in 1980, to ensure the highest quality products and service.


Plus, the revolutionary point and shank geometry makes installation quick and easy, the user simply positions the screw and drives it home, with no risk of cracking.G&B mentions that the hardening process China Self drilling Screws Manufacturers to which the GETO wood screws are submitted, enables them to obtain very high characteristic values for extraction, and grants an angle of bending of 40°.


Due to their distinctive design, with self-drilling bit, GETO wood screws can be directly inserted into the support with no preliminary drilling required, as with traditional screws.Other features of the GETO wood screws include a milling section to make it easier for the insertion of the non-threaded part, preventing any risk of cracking..


The screws come with a T30 – T40 countersunk head and there is even the option of a conical washer to optimise the loading distribution and to prevent the insertion of the screw head into the wooden support

The reason why it was decided to construct two structures

Since the insertion of screws into the rod linkage is mechanically connected, the user is sure to always insert the screw in the same position between the dies (tools) – ensuring that the threading phase is maintained.”


“The solidity, accuracy and precision with which TLM rolling machines are built have made the company a leader in the sector, highly appreciated by the largest producers of fasteners and screws in general.”


 Both machine parts are made of electro-welded steel. The additional lubrication system is composed of a control unit that maintains pressure so as to ensure a genuine hydrostatic bearing to maintain oil during slide sliding and to counteract the load generated by rolling – guaranteeing longer sliding component life. 


The reason why it was decided to construct two structures and not a single monolithic structure is due to the fact that almost the entire mechanics of the machine reside in the rolling machine head. During rolling machine head composition, the reaction block is coupled in a forced manner and then jointly welded so as to create a single body that is integral with the structure of the head.


Even if the new generations find it more instinctive to type on a touch screen rather than carrying out accurate mechanical tuning, TLM says its machines – which are not strictly electronic – offer something more than the competitions’ machines.